Hi guys,
1st of all, Thank you for supporting Fedora :). I have face few problem (unconfident situation) about declaring myself as fedora ambassador (even stated in wiki ( http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/CategoryAmbassadorsMalaysia). This happen when I turn seriously to promote fedora Linux to local university. I can only get into university which i have contact in it. Most of people required some identification (like letter of appointed) to clarify the person.
Promoting Fedora to company or university is like selling a product. People that selling need to be clarify in oder to trust his product. (even no profit to the seller). Therefor i would like to suggest FESCO to write a letter of appointed to all ambassadors in oder to make promoting Fedora became professional task and fun.  

Best Regards;
Mohd Hanafiah bin Muhamad
Fedora Ambassadors for Malaysia