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Some points that can help u, about my personal experience...

2008/7/31 Sílvio Reis <silvioreis.fedora@gmail.com>
What is our role as ambassadors?
I think that is promoting the Fedora in our country, am i wrong?
So I became ambassador to promote Fedora in Portugal.
But I believe there are ambassadors who don't think this way, at least in Portugal.
As already announced in this list, it will start soon the site for the project Fedora Portugal.
The other 5 Portuguese ambassadors were invited on several occasions to participate in the website.

Normally in our regions....really normally...

More than a month passed and still not got an answer.
The point is this: I live in Luxembourg and I am alone in this adventure, should I start the project without any support?

At first, you are not alone. Like ambassador you are part of the voice of Fedora worldwide, with special focus on your regions.
When things doesnt comes what we want we cant stop, or see it as an oportunity to "make the difference".

A nice thing to start a project like this is begin to take "small and reasonable milestones. Look at the project as a global strategy.
Probably the first times could be hard, but if u start to move, soon or later, people will come to you. Think that your role is talk to
people in Portugal about Fedora and Software Freedom. This is an enourmus task, but , its a responsability too. Be focused on the
main objetive can help, to not become sad or dissapointed.

The only support I have had, has been the Brazilian ambassadors as Eunir Augusto (which made most of the work!), Erick Gomes and Rodrigo Padula.

Thats why u are not alone!!!!. I know personally Rodrigo, and I know that he will help you whenever he will be.

In Portugal Fedora is unknown, has a bad translation, has no wiki and just does not have a community.
So we urgently need a web site with a forum and a wiki.

Very Nice!!!!!, u have the oportunity to "make things happen". A web site could be an option. Rodrigo theres some space on
Latinamerica hosting to give access. I can help him with the site building...

We need to bring together the users, and encouraging more people to translate the Fedora.
With the help of Brazilian ambassadors, the site could start operating next month.
The question is: who will be there?

The most important answer: YOU are the beggining for Fedora in Portugal. Do not hesitate. We are all part of all. Not all the ambassadors could help u, but i think that with some chat and some web resources u can start the project. REMEMBER: small milestones. Firs of all, create the site is the firts step, the next the speechs in differnte places, ask for help to newcommers to help you translate documentation, etc. When I found Fedora Argentina in 2006, i was alone.

That is why I ask your opinion:
it is worth starting the site even alone, without the support of another 5 Portuguese ambassadors?

Yes! IMHO is very important. Push the limits :-). Probably their silence is not necesarily desinterest, probably they have personal problems, or other issues, or absense of time. Who knows. All this is my personal opinion, anyway.

A good start could be mount the website....
Rodrigo, it seems that Fedora Latinamerica, becomes in Fedora HispaAmerica :-)

Nice to be here again.....
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