Yes, i agree with your opinion, think therefore that will encourage local ambassadors to join together and, for this goal, i think each country will create a local wiki page with the reference of the spokesman, so that people (and medi) can find him immediatly.

2006/10/2, Rahul Sundaram <>:
Francesco Ugolini wrote:
> We have Fedora Marketing that's a sub-project of Fedora Ambassador, the
> problem is that we need a miliar stone in each country where media and
> other ambassador, in their native language, can talk and work together.
> If a italian magazine want to talk about Fedora, it prefer to takes
> information in italian language, talking with an italian, at the same
> time if an ambassador need help for an event, he can ask his country
> team using the languge where he is more fluent.
> This would mean that FAmSCo and other structure continue to make their
> work focusing on the project management (and economic issue) etc..., the
> only change is that each country has its local management that focus
> only on organize the promotional activity. I think that Ambassadors will
> be more stimulated to work in a "friendly athmosphere" and, at the same
> time, will create a local identity that can only improve the local appeal.

Identifying and having a local regional representation is a good thing
and I dont think anyone here would disagree with that. However spanning
sub projects is not always worth the effort. If there is a active
regional community, nominate and have a leader among yourselves. That
can be a effective way.

In short, I agree with the need but not with the proposed method to meet
that need.


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