Bringing that up again. First to the statement of Brian, that there would be changes in the budget.planning process. As you can see in the log of famsco meeting from 25. January


Its not the case the submission date is still September and therefore  the FAD should be held before. So I wait for an answer, why the change was made and at least going behind Rammadan to early August to meet that date.

br gnokii

2016-12-22 16:08 GMT+07:00 sankarshan <sankarshan@fedoraproject.org>:
On Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 3:31 PM, Brian Exelbierd <bex@pobox.com> wrote:
> You list the following two goals:
> To attract more users and contributors.
> Aware about freedom of software.
> These are both broad objectives.  Can you help narrow that down into
> something we can directly work towards?  For example, based on your regional
> knowledge:
> * What kind of users can we reasonably target and expect to actually
> convert?  Do we need activities before our after FUDCon to make this more
> effective?  If so, what?
> * What kind of an audience will you be able to attract that will become
> aware of FOSS.  How will this awareness translate into action on the
> audience's part?
> * What areas of contribution are you targeting for growth?
> These kinds of questions help us make sure we bring the right Fedora people
> together.  For example, if you tell me the local market is firmly about
> virtualization and not containers, we should get speakers who talk about
> virtualization and not offer many container talks.

[I hadn't seen this note earlier; it hit a different mail filter. duh!]

I'd like to state that distilling the broad objectives into tangible
outcomes specific to local communities is deeply required and
relevant. Often the event planning notes (on the wiki pages) adopt an
one-size-fits-all approach which builds on a template-form of FUDCon.
These sets of questions are equally applicable to events of small(er)
sizes and should probably be put up on the wiki somewhere to refer to.

sankarshan mukhopadhyay
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