Hello all.

I have some flyers that might be useful or at least the idea to spread that we might have. However, I would be happy if you guys open and track a design ticket so we can handle it and keep a record of the progress.


I have a workshop proposal that might solve the issue of "what do we need or have for an event" creating a box full with elements that people can either download as a tar or get as a box (will depend mostly on how organized and well funded is the group) for events that can be ship each release as a unique swag box. I think that if we gather enough ideas on what elements does someone really need for an event, we could make it possible.

See ya!

2013/5/27 Sebastian Mäki <sebastian.maki@gmail.com>
I think we should also prepare some material that could be useful to total newbies to both Linux and Fedora. The material should probably mention the pros and cons of Fedora/Linux/Free software for newbies. It would be helpful for making an informed choice and might also help us find areas that we could improve and thus shorten the cons list.


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