My only concern about the idea is if the flyer will end up short when we have too many features to spread; so probably a poster would go it. 

Now; Do you think that a user would enjoy a flyer with a ton of text or would be better to do a small flyer that point the user with a QR code into the current talking points URL?

/me trying to debug :)

I would split features in some smaller groups and put 3-5 of them on a list. Thus these flyers could be better targeted (and cheaper to produce). It could be "DE flyer", "Network flyer", "Programming flyer", "Spin flyer" and so on. These might be the same groups as in Categories or maybe some other subset by Ambassador's choice, if he thinks that a certain event needs a specialized set of features to talk about.

If we create more or less automatic way to produce these flyers, they would be easy to customize. That's why I want a template more then just a ready-to-print flyer.

The poster idea is also interesting. Since you can have one poster and talk with people staying in front of it, pointing in particular features or letting them choose ones they interested in. But this poster will not be reusable like an general roll-up, because it talks about current release only. So if it will take a lot of time and money to create and print - may be it is not worth it.

As for the text and QR: I think it is important to have the description printed. Because you won't understand the feature just by reading the title. And at an offline event it is not so easy to go online, especially during the discussion with the ambassador. You can make description in rather small font, it won't be a problem for interested readers. And then there should be a link to feature page as QR code for later use.