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2010/7/20 Paul W. Frields <stickster@gmail.com>
On Mon, Jul 19, 2010 at 10:31:39PM -0300, Rafael Gomes wrote:
> Eduardo,
> Great FUDCon! Better than FUDCon Brazil, in the last year. I hope in
> the next FUDCon Brazil we can improve it.
> May be you can help us.  :-)
> Unfortunately I could not go :(

At every regional FUDCon we try to improve the way the event works,
and increase the number of people included to participate.  When the
planning starts for the next FUDCon in LATAM, we should take stock of
what worked well, and what didn't work well, at this FUDCon.  Then we
can look at specific ways to improve the event.

I believe that planning should be done openly and transparently using
the fudcon-planning list, which was set up for this purpose.  And if I
were Max, who pays the largest portion of the costs for FUDCon, I
would want to see those plans on the list as well.  The entire
community is welcome to participate in this work, and that openness
helps us do the best possible job at putting on better and better
FUDCon events.
Igor and Daniel talked about exactly this at the hotel with Toshio on the last day. He made a sort of report that will eventually be published and discussed. I did not participate actively because I was having dinner :(
Maybe Igor and Daniel may have more information about what was discussed.


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