Arnav Kalra wrote:
The ideas are good. We can also have a new SIG for this. First start with school children, give them a live spin with some games , painting and educational stuff

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i think if someone is working on such a live spin they need to be really careful since such a live spin will have to leave a good first impression, lets be frank , bundled Linux games aren't really addictive or even as good as what Windows games may be, if we are targeting school students, I assume you are talking about student like in class X or above, then the spin needs to bundle with it some nice programming tools, as well as some really good FPS games, like AA or something like it, lets leave a good first impression, instead of leaving them with something like Knetwalk, which is a nice game, but I doubt an average school kid would like it right away.
Also KDE 4.x or Gnome? for a first introduction i think KDE 4.x would be nice, I personally prefer Gnome, but KDE 4.x has a lot more eyecandy to it.


Aditya Kumar Sharma
Fedora Ambassador, Noida.