2013/10/30 Leonardo Menezes Vaz <leonardo.vaz@gmail.com>
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Unfortunately I wasn't able to be in this meeting, but after reading
the logs Alejandro kindly send to this list I noticed some snide
commentaries about the FAD we had here in Sao Paulo last June, and I
have some few words about it to share about it.

1- Why did we call it as "FAD"?

Because in the very beginning our plan was to organize
QA/Packaging/Translation sessions during a day, what people in this
project usually call as "Fedora Activity Day" or just FAD.

2- Where is the event planing tasks?

All information about the event is described in detail in the wiki bellow:


3- What did happen actually?

Some people (including speakers and folks who would coordinate the
sessions mentioned in #1) weren't able to show up in the day and
instead cancelling everything we decided do it anyway so people could
meet. I presented a keynote about collaboration and how to get engaged
to the project, Sergio Durigan presented an awesome talk about GDB
Project explaining a how it works and how Fedora contributes to it
(and many other upstream projects!!), Itamar presented a funny session
on how to roll your own RPM and in the remaining time we talked about
several ideas and future events like FISL and Latinoware as well
initiatives to foster Fedora and Open Source in this side of the

4- What was the "deliverable"?

Let me see... We didn't test anything, we didn't translate a single
world and the only package created was a "Hello World!!" from Itamar.
The greatest thing about this event was having around 15 people during
an entire Saturday talking about Fedora. Besides all friends we had
the opportunity to meet Hugo Cisneiros (or just "Eitch", as the old
Fedora fellows know him), and also to knew great guys like Itamar,
German (Skytux) and Claudio Penásio.

5- How much money from the project did you spend?!

Itamar paid his tickets from Uberlandia to Sao Paulo (over 10 hours by
bus) and I paid the delicious sandwiches we had for lunch. Although
the wiki has some budget information Fedora didn't spend a penny in
our meeting.

6- Bu-bu-But...

I know. If you follow religiously the guidelines in the wiki it was
not a FAD but we did the best we could and had a fucking great time!!

7- Last words?

Get a life dude. Seriously.
What that addressed to me?

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