Maria´s profile idea is Genius, it would show how Fedora might adapt and serve each user´s specific needs, and as she says it will serve us to generate statistics on who uses Fedora and what for, generating very useful data to us Ambassador and the rest of the Community.
We should make it, if the idea does fly, so that by the end of the profiling and questioning the user is given 2 links, one for the general release and one for a spin that may as well serve him. (I.E. the security spin). And we might aswell in an extras section give a curated suggestion of packages to install that might be useful.
This way we become more friendly to the users, because there are many who shiver at the mere mention of linux, afraid of loosing the hability to do what they are doing right now on other OSes, not to mention we gain an useful insight on our users.