2010/8/30 Ryan Rix <ry@n.rix.si>
On Mon 30 August 2010 13:22:51 Manuel Escudero wrote:
> I have installed Fedora 13 Goddard x86_64 in my machine and I've updated to
> KDE 4.5, in order to run Skype I installed some 32 bit Qt libraries and
> when I installed the new KDE desktop I had to remove them because KDE 4.4
> uses the "1:4.6" version of these libraries and KDE 4.5 the "1:4.7"...
> Now I have KDE 4.5 and everything is fine but I can't run lastest Skype
> because it needs the "1:4.6" Qt libraries, it doesn't work with the new
> ones, but if I remove the new ones and I replace them with
> the older ones, many apps seem to be "downgraded" or they just don't work
> anymore...
> Does this mean we're not having Skype in Fedora 14 KDE Spin as it's going
> to be based on KDE 4.5?
> Many users need skype (in my case I'm running it in a Windows 7 VM) But
> without it we can't offer reliable "Videocalls" as they're not implemented
> in IM Clients Linux have.

So, a few things here...

This isn't Ambassadors material, please keep it either on the users@ list or
(probably better) the kde@ list, where most KDE and Qt issues are handled.
This is most definitely not the place for it, "urgent" or not.

Skype is indeed NOT going to be on the Fedora 14 KDE Spin as it is non-Free
software. From my PoV, it's harmful for Ambassadors to promote the use of this
software as it encourages lock in to proprietary applications and (probably
worse) proprietary protocols. Also, as you can see by your mail, using
proprietary applications can be more than a "philosophical" issue, given the
breakage you caused yourself by installing it. Imagine telling a new user how
to do this, and realizing they have just broken or messed up their
installation. Does it really put our distribution in a positive light? You
should be encouraging users to embrace Free solutions such as Ekiga softphone,
Pidgin and other SIP-based solutions which can be properly packaged for our

Lastly, Qt is supposed to be backwards compatible, meaning that applications
compiled in Qt 4.6 are supposed to work in Qt 4.7, etc... If you have
encountered a regression, file a bug at Nokia's Qt bug tracker[1], and let the
KDE Fedora list know of the issue. This is not the place to discuss such

[1]: http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com/

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ambassadors mailing list

Well, I know about the free alternatives, what I'm discussing here is that many users USE SKYPE. We have free software but we can't tell those users who use skype: CANCEL YOUR SKYPE ACCOUNT BECAUSE NOW YOU'RE FREE. We, as ambassadors, are supposed to help the user and this is an issue that is going to affect many skype users in fedora 14 KDE unless someone finds a solution.

Yes, we have free software, but tell me: Any of our free software supports skype's protocol? The answer is NO. and by "demonizing" skype's use you're commiting fanaticism... If GNU/LINUX and OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE is what matters to you, change to UTUTO or GNEWSENSE as Fedora isn't considered COMPLETELY OPEN SOURCE by the Gnu Foundation.

I'm not gonna continue arguing... I'm open to solutions, not "empty opinions"

And for me, it's sad that some ambassadors are not thinking in the future of the user... This is not the way to win "ground" in technologies battle...

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