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Maybe transparent is not the best word here as everything is open. What I mean: There are discussions for weeks now, tickets are long, meeting logs are long. It took me hours to really understand what is going on. People get snippets of the situation and build their opinion without a complete picture of the situation. OK, that always happens everyday, everywhere. But we can lower that effect by providing information that is short enough to read within some minutes and that is easier to get (in sense of understandaing) IMHO it would be nice if FAmSCo writes short reports about the situation in general and the progress to the ambassadors mailing list (or is there a better place?). This would really help to get more objective opinions as it is easier to get the situation. Of course there always will be other opinions, but that's not a result of missing (in sense of people did not read the whole stuff) information anymore and thus fine and especially a different case.


Hello Christian and everyone else in the list,

I understand that you think FAmSCo should write some kind of report or resume with this discussion and its main points. Now, I think, and it's just an idea... what about writing post in the Community Blog or Fedora People or wherever we agree is the best place explaining the main points like situation, background, decisions taken (and why) and outcome?
I'm thinking of something short and clear, explaining what happened and how is going to be resolved.

What do you think about it?
Kind regards,

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The CommBlog is thought for all contributors, and it is even public to the whole world. I think that's not what we want. The Mailing List is fine IMHO, although everyone can read the minutes. We can probably add the main topics to the minutes when sending them out; I'm not in favour of writing even resumes of the meetings.