Dear *,
Well, I have started my pilgrim mission. Gosh, it was not so obvious!
Indeed, last saturday I went to a french engineering school where I talked to the principal about fedora and the fact to do in a first time a fedora project presentation to students.
He was very enthousiast to do it and told me that teachers could also be really interested.
During our conversation, he gave me his visit card and I was a little bit embarassed to give him mine cause I haven't got any fedora project vist card on me. - Could the fedora project provide us visit cards or could we print one based on a standard available on the fedora project web site ?  -
So he asked me where I can be reach at the fedora project. Then I had to give him the email address coming from my company.
He was a little bit confused cause he did not understood why I gave him an e-mail address having no relationship with the subject of our conversation. Ok, I can admit that this kind of situation permit to explain deeper the base of Open source and how the community works.
However, it was not so obvious to be convincing when you are in face of peolple who they know nothing about open source.
So, little details can be really helpful.
Well, we talked more than hour.
In addition, he asked me some questions which I had some difficulties to answer.
For instance :
- how is structured the fedora project organization - in term of organizational tree - ?
- Does it exist a program of partnership between schools and fedora?
- Can they use the reference "fedora project" in there school's presentation brochure if they are interacting with the fedora community ?
- and so on and so for ...
Anyway, we have planned to do a presentation of fedora -overview- to students as soon as I would have done my presentation slides and an offcial have commited them.
Thank you in advance if you can give the answers to the previous question.
BTW, if you have any remarks, feel free to contact me.
Best Regards
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Hello everyone,
Concerning the last meeting!
We talked about many stuffs.
Among these, I think tchung pointed out that it would be good
that ambassadors could get alias for emails.
I was wondering if its possible to get it.

Secondly, I was among a group of friends last night "marketing fedora core".
I found it very useful to have a wallpaper with all the major websites listed onto it.
It is easily when you have their eyes and mind glued on the topic "fedora core"
for example, on my wallpaper there  were 2 addresses and
when i was talking about what is fedora and saying that this is an open source project.
They pronounced the word "project" with me.
same happened to the word "forum" when i said that the best way to get most of fedora
is having contact with people on forums and mailing lists.

This was my little experience of last night.
Ive enhanced my wallpaper and posted it on
It would be nice if everyone shares their experience as a fedora ambassador so that other
ambassadors can learn from it.

Chitlesh GOORAH