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Hi Bex and Alick,

We already add the goal of this FUDCon APAC 2017 and why we held in Depok City in the wiki.

I am going to push a bit on this as I want to help you plan for the widest possible success and impact.

You list the following two goals:

These are both broad objectives.  Can you help narrow that down into something we can directly work towards?  For example, based on your regional knowledge:

* What kind of users can we reasonably target and expect to actually convert?  Do we need activities before our after FUDCon to make this more effective?  If so, what?
* What kind of an audience will you be able to attract that will become aware of FOSS.  How will this awareness translate into action on the audience's part?
* What areas of contribution are you targeting for growth?

These kinds of questions help us make sure we bring the right Fedora people together.  For example, if you tell me the local market is firmly about virtualization and not containers, we should get speakers who talk about virtualization and not offer many container talks.



Fo the concern about team :
We only two for now just for prepare bid proposal. After we get green light about it. We plan ask student council in University to join as Local Committee. And we plan open registration for volunteer. We need about 10% from total participants, around 30-35 people.

For Ticket sale like bex already mention before :
Ticket sale is commonly in Indonesia. Why not set as free? Because when we set free, people just register but not come for event. It is make difficult for local committee. This decision (Ticket Sale) base on our experience from GNOME.Asia Summit 2015 at Depok, and openSUSE.Asia Summit 2016 last October in Yogyakarta.

Travel  expense just for speaker and some people who make contribution for Fedora (Amba, etc). For ordinary people, they just come with their budget.
We will spend budget from ticket sale to t-shirt and meal. Why we cover meal for each attendee? Because it will save time for people search food court and keep attendee in conference venue.

Thank You.

On Thu, Dec 8, 2016 at 1:57 AM, Brian Exelbierd <bex@pobox.com> wrote:

On Wed, Dec 7, 2016, at 07:48 PM, Alick Zhao wrote:
2. Ticket sale. AFAIK FUDCon is always free for everyone to attend, both as in "freedom" and "free beer". So "selling" a ticket does not sound quite right to me. I suggest free entrance while accepting donation instead. Besides, you need to ensure the income is fully used to cover logistics, travel expense of FUDCon.

Leaving aside the how do we collect the money and ensure it is used properly question, I think your second question merits further discussion.

I recognize that we have traditionally said both forms of free.  However, I also recognize that in some cultures if an event is free it is considered to have no value by the community and therefore will receive poor attendance, attendance from individuals who are not in the target audience and/or lots of  no-shows.

I think we should explore whether breaking "free as in beer" while preserving "free as in speech" is appropriate for some events.

Ultimately, I think this may need to go to the council, but a healthy debate here is critical as Ambassadors are the people most directly knowledgeable about their regions and cultures.



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