On 12/17/2012 10:44 AM, Mo Morsi wrote:
The following is the list of wiki pages grouped by their ultimate destination. If there are any errors please reply here. I'll start the migration process this week.

Still need to figure out how to handle images and files that have been uploaded and links to other wiki pages.


OK did the export and conversion and am beginning the arduous process of importing the pages on github. The conversion isn't 100% perfect so this will take some time to clean things up as they are moved over. That being said, I'm still targeting the end of this month as the final cut over date.

I ask the team to use github as much as possible from here on out, while I won't lock down redmine just yet, alot of edits there will exponentially increase my workload.

If you absolutely must edit redmine, I ask that you try to keep track of what you changed so that it makes the final cleanup all the easier.