Hi gang, 

This thread (and the Winged Monkey thread) has been a great start. As the resident UX guy, I've taken the first step at pushing the conversation forward by repackaging the personas that Hugh sent out and added it to the Aeolus wiki. You can find it here: https://redmine.aeolusproject.org/redmine/projects/aeolus/wiki/Personas

Along with some minor cleanup of the existing doc, I've added an introduction inspired by conversation in this thread, and taken a first stab at naming the personas. Names like Marty the Infrastructure Manager can help add empathy to our decison making. in the future when we discuss an aspect of the experience, it may be be helpful to think about whether Marty would want this vs that. By all means, if you have better names than these feel free to make changes, I am positive you all can do better than my feeble first attempt.

Next steps

Input and Validation
It's in the wiki now, so we can have at it. I know that the source work from Spring 2011 was vetted to some degree already with PM. I'll reach out once again to see if there is any further input they can provide. I'd also like to know if any of you have suggestions for any customer-facing folks that would be good to sync with - please let me know.

There's no set format for personas, we can make it what we need it to be. I maintained what was in the document Hugh sent, except the communication diagram. We can add to, change and delete any of this as we see fit. I'm not positive that some of the facets in the source doc are that useful, and I have omitted the communication chart for now as it was difficult to translate into text. Also, one thing I think I think we should consider adding is a usage scenario, like "a day in the life" which describes typical use and intent in a few sentences. I didn't take a stab at this yet though.

- Jeremy