On 01/22/2013 08:38 AM, Martyn Taylor wrote:

A few people have spoken to me about alternatives to voice call meetings when there is little on the Agenda.  Since the overhead (waiting for everyone to get online etc...) is often longer than the actual content.

Since this week do not have any outstanding business or new items on the agenda.  Let's try and do this via email.  If you all can ack last weeks minutes and the status of the single action from last week then that should suffice.

Are you all OK with this approach?

The one outstanding action which is on me:

Template Versioning RFC:


In the process of writing up the RFC after some conversations with Scott and Jay.  Should have something to the list today/tomorrow.

Ian, could you please send round last weeks minutes and add them to the wiki page here: https://github.com/aeolusproject/aeolusproject.github.com/wiki/Techinical-cabal