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P.S. For what it's worth, I use KDE.

Following up since Cura 4.8.0 was just released for F33...

My problem of crashing when showing a slice 'preview' still happens.

So I decided to dnf remove cura, and delete any other hidden
config or other directories related to Cura, and any file therein,
and re-install.  That didn't make any difference, but it did cause
me to go down the following train of thought:

At the first invocation of Cura, you get a splash screen about
'first time config'.  And by default it doesn't have any buttons to
continue.  I remembered Miro's suggestion of:

Well, not only does it fix the missing splash screen button problem,
and the menu rendering issues I was complaining about, I see it also prevents
the "crashing when attempting a 'preview'" issue.
(And yes, it appears to be a KDE issue.)

Is there any way to get that command:


into the KDE menu entry for Cura?