Yeah, it built right out of the box, once I unraveled the new dep requirements.

It made me happy to be able to provide something useful, as I'm just a sales engineer, these days.

- Alex

On Tue, Mar 31, 2020 at 10:24 AM Miro Hrončok <> wrote:
On 31. 03. 20 16:20, Jason Tibbitts wrote:
> Oh, you got it to build?  I gut stuck in the RCs with all of the new
> bundled stuff failing to work but maybe they fixed that for the final
> release.  Spent several hours on it but always ended up being lost in a
> mess of cmake.

Not sure if they fixed it, or it just went away.

The spec change was done by Alexander (CCed).

However I realize now that I have not truly reviewed what new stuff they bundled
into this release (sorry about that), so a followup on that might be needed.

> I have no F32 here (stuck at home) so I can't really test that build.

Don't worry, spot already tested it.

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