I'm getting 404 for the f34 link, the f33 one is ok, I use prisaslicer on f34 with the GPS plugin driving my 
Flashforge Creator Pro printer, I find it to be far more stable than trying to make simplify3d run on Linux. 

On Mon, Jul 12, 2021, 19:19 Miro Hrončok <mhroncok@redhat.com> wrote:

I've recently created updates of PrusaSlicer to 2.3.1 in stable Fedoras with
the premise that users of PrusaSlicer would prefer the latest version over

However, there was no karma. If you use PrusaSlicer on Fedora 34 or 33, could
you test it out and report problems or success? Thanks

F34: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2021-9e000ca4c8
: https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2021-f431f029f4

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