I've recently had to upgrade to F33, and the associated releases of freeCad and Cura.
While trying v4.7.1 of Cura (for the first time), I've loaded an STL file and told it
to slice.  When done, I copied the gcode to my USB, and started my (Anet A6) printer
going.  I saw it start the first layer in a completely different manner than I was
used to (with the Cura I had with F26), so I wanted to see it layer by layer.

I presume, that's what the 'preview' function now does.
When I click it, Cura crashes.

Eventually, some kind of Fedora crash reporter pops up, and its details show:

reason           python3.9 killed by SIGSEGV
crash_function   QQukckItem::setSize(QSizeF const&)

Sadly the crash reporter tells me I can't report it with the log:

--- Running report_uReport ---
Server responded with an error: 'uReport data is invalid.'
('report_uReport' exited with 1)

So I've got two issues.


(P.S.  Merry Christmas)