Hi William,
One of the things you need to address is the performance / speed of authentication.  Can your (AD -) server forest handle the amount of new kind of authentication requests beside the WINS / DNS etc.  
I have  2-servers ( in replica) of Fedora DS (FDS) with over 800k users. This is only for authentication of our website. There is also an read-only replica of the AD on it for internal use. Till now there is no performance issue.
We decided to move to FDS due to the amount of external users. We did this only for performance. AD could do it as well.

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Onderwerp: [Fedora-directory-users] Business Case: Advantage OpensourceDirectory VS Active Directory

Hello all,

I have a question why i should use an opensource directory server for my
opensource activities!

I work for a large company! 70k users

We have a large MS Windows based infrastructure win2k3 with winxp

For our open source servers and workstations we thought to get an
Opensource Directory server because of the specific options that Active
Directory cannot deliver.

But now i get a lot of people who say that active directory can do all of it!

Can someone help me with getting the right arguments so i have a valid
reason to create an opensource directory server?

The things i wanna administer are:
Freeipa based authentication/dns
application management

and probably a lot more!

Please let me know!

With kind regards,

William van de Velde

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