It depends on if you intend to use one of these options in /etc/ldap.conf
1) pam_member_attribute uniquemember
2) pam_member_attribute memberuid

Pls note that the default FDS install would create ou=Groups and some sample group entries if you choose to create samples, whereas the sample PADL or RH client's /etc/ldap.conf would usually use ou=group (or ou=Group) instead of ou=Groups.
nss_base_group         ou=Group,dc=padl,dc=com?one
If your choice is 1), you could point to group lookup to ou=Groups and use objectclass groupofuniquenames
If your choice is 2), you could point to group lookup to ou=Group   and use objectclass posixgroup
I usually won't use ou=Groups and will manually create an additional OU (New OU in Admin GUI) called ou=group after the default install, and when populating the DIT  with group entries I will add objectclass: posixgroup in ldif file, and with user entries I will add objectclass: posixaccount and objectclass: shadowaccount.
If I use Admin GUI to create an user entry, I will have to manually "Enable Posix User Attributes", so that I could enter uidNumber and gidNumber and so on, I also add additional objectclass: shadowaccount by clicking the Advanced Properties and insert new objectclass, if not LDAP Auth won't work.
You may find a HOW-TO I wrote for Solaris Native LDAP Client useful.
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Hi guys.  I've installed FDS and the setup is killing me.  Essentially all I want to use it for is Posix accounts and groups and I'm having trouble with groups. 
Getting user accounts is no problem, the attributes are aleady there, but posix groups are from scratch?
If someone could point me in the right direction, or send me a link I would appreciate it.  I've combed through the RHDS documentation and not been able to find what I was looking for.