Great!  Thanks for the info on anonymous access as that will be useful for me also.

I should add to this thread that the memory errors encountered by PLA caused it to complain about not being able to read the root and even when I specified a base in the config.php, it did not display the tree of directory nodes in the left navigation area.  I changed /etc/php.ini to specify 32M instead of 8M.  I'll have to go back and remove the 'base' setting in config.php to see if PLA successfully reads the root now.


On 6/17/06, Mikael Kermorgant <> wrote:
Thanks Toby !

Increasing the memory limit in php.ini was the solution for me.
For the record, as I've removed anonymous access, I had to add this
acl to get phpldapadmin working :

(targetattr = "subschemaSubentry || aliasedObjectName ||
hasSubordinates || objectClasses || namingContexts || matchingRuleUse
|| ldapSchemas || attributeTypes || serverRoot || modifyTimestamp ||
icsAllowRights || matchingRules || creatorsName || dn || ldapSyntaxes
|| createTimestamp")
(version 3.0;
acl "Acces anonyme au schema";
allow (read,compare,search)
(userdn = "ldap:///anyone")

(Maybe modifying userdn to the bind user I use in phpldapadmin could
work, I have to try it).

Best regards,


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