Hi All,


I am having an issue with 389DS after an upgrade and I was hoping someone could help me out. According to people on the 389 IRC Channel, someone has had this before.


Firstly, please understand I am a little out of my league, so please be patient.


So this afternoon, our RHEL5 box did a yum update which included 389DS. But after the upgrade, user’s can’t login using profiles in ldap.  All the data is there, but it seems that the password fields are messed.


As an example, our apache websites use Directory Server for Authentication. If I take any of the usernames and passwords that exist and try login, I get a “password mismatch” in apache. I.e. wrong password. This worked before the upgrade.

But …. If I, using Apache Directory Studio, edit the password on one of those profiles, and commit. That person can login.


Its as if the password attributes data is corrupted, and has to be manually reset to work again. Users can’t even reset their own passwords, as the Perl module (Net::LDAP) can modify the password value, but it still won’t let them login. I can even use Directory studio to verify the password, and its correct. Seems the only way I can use a password is if I use Directory Studio to change it.


Has anyone has this? Or know where I can start looking, or how to fix it?


Not sure what other information I need to give.