I am converting my 389 instances to use StartTLS and have hit the following snag.

After running setup-ssl.sh, and adding “nsslapd-security:on” to dse.ldif, and restarting both dirsrv and dirsrv-admin, I am trying to do an ldapsearch to test functionality over tcp/389 with StartTLS.

[root@ops-ldap-m-00001 slapd-ops-ldap-m-00001]# ldapsearch -x -LLL -ZZ -p 636 -h "ops-ldap-m-00001.svale.netledger.com" -D cn=manager -w password -b "" -s base objectclass=top
ldap_start_tls: Can't contact LDAP server (-1)
[root@ops-ldap-m-00001 slapd-ops-ldap-m-00001]# ldapsearch -x -LLL -ZZ -p 389 -h "ops-ldap-m-00001.svale.netledger.com" -D cn=manager -w password -b "" -s base objectclass=top
ldap_start_tls: Protocol error (2)
additional info: unsupported extended operation
[root@ops-ldap-m-00001 slapd-ops-ldap-m-00001]# 

Can someone help illuminate for me what I’ve done wrong?

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