Hello folks, I'm running Centos 6 LDAP masters/replicas in a multi master setup. I am running the latest version of 389ds available through EPEL (389-Directory/ B2014.314.1342).

So what I am seeing is an issue with the attributes: shadowFlag, shadowWarning, shadowMin, shadowMax, shadowLastChange, shadowExpire

My issue is that if I add or change these values, they replicate down as one would expect. If I, however, delete the attributes, this change does *not* get replicated. It does not get replicated to the other master nor any replicas.

I have tried to re-initialize one of my replicas, but the issue persists. I'm not really seeing anything too out of the ordinary in the logs. I enabled replication debug logging and the log blocks seem the same when an attr is changed (replication works as expected) and when an attr is deleted (seems to not work as expected).

It seems that any other attributes I tried behave as I would expect.