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On 07/07/2014 08:45 AM, Michael Gettes wrote:

if you mean 3 months for,

3 months for RHEL 6.6, give or take, and as always, subject to change.  That is, don't take this as an official Red Hat(tm) approved release date announcement.

i promise i won’t mis-interpret anything you say as anything RedHat official.  I treat this as a Community project with some very talented developers leading the way.

then i might consider building this for my test environment - which is somewhat active.  If you think this would be helpful.

Are you also running into these issues?

I wrote back on 6/16:

I have been watching the tickets with respect to and I am curious as to when this release may be available?  There are a few items pertaining to my environment which we would so dearly appreciate.  346 would be a HUGE win for us.  We are seeing periodic problems which seem to indicate 47773/4 may address as well.

Does this help?