I just got phpLdapAdmin working with fds today.  I installed fds on fc4 and followed the setup for example.com.

When I configured PLA, I had to define the server 'base' setting in /var/www/html/phpldapadmin/config/config.php ('dc=example,dc=com') because PLA said it could not find the rootDSE.  But I was able to authenticate using the cn=Directory Manager that was created during setup.

I also found I needed to edit /etc/php.ini to increase the memory for PHP.  I was getting errors in the http server log.

If someone has a tip about phpldapadmin being able to get the naming contexts from rootDSE, I'd appreciate it.



On 6/16/06, Mikael Kermorgant <mikael.kermorgant@gmail.com> wrote:

I've tried to setup phpldapadmin but it fails after login with this error :
Our attempts to find your SCHEMA for "attributetypes" have FAILED.

I've read that Fedora DS works with phpldapadmin and that this error
can be due to wrong acl :

I've created a special user phpldapadmin but don't know what rights to
give to him as I haven't found cn=subschema

Would someone have an idea ?

Mikael Kermorgant

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