cat /proc/<PID>/limits

You can check what effective ulimits are applied to your process.
To use this feature, your kernel has to be at least 2.6.25, if vanilla. RHEL5.2+ or 5.3+ (I don't remember exactly) if on RedHat.

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2011/8/26 Martin Stiborský <martin.stiborsky@gmail.com>
I'd like to ask you here for help with problem with 389 Fedora LDAP.
Our LDAP fail every day, because of "too many fds open" problem, as is
logged in log file…
I've found many posts about it on internet (this is one seems to be
useful http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-enterprise-47/fedora-directory-server-not-accepting-new-connections-800165/),
but still the problem is there even after raise of few limits.

When the ldap failed, I checked number of created "fd" by dirsrv process with
ls -l /proc/$DIRSRV_PID/fd | wc -l
and it was about ~1000 files, so probably some limit in system is
still in use (fds per process or user??).

Please, could you give me a hint?
Thanks a lot!

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Martin Stiborský

Jabber: stibi@njs.netlab.cz
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