Hi Simon


On the server:

[root@testldap01 ~]# rpm -qa 389*




On the client:

[root@testldapclient01 log]# rpm -qa *ldap*








The sudo logs say according to A.2. Troubleshooting sudo with SSSD and sudo Debugging Logs Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 | Red Hat Customer Portal:

[root@testldapclient01 log]# grep testldapclient01 sudo_debug.log

Mar 23 09:56:53 sudo[22331] <- sudo_new_key_val_v1 @ ./key_val.c:56 := host=testldapclient01.as.mydomain.ch

Mar 23 09:56:53 sudo[22331] user_info: host=testldapclient01.as.mydomain.ch

Mar 23 09:56:53 sudo[22331] keep HOSTNAME=testldapclient01.as.mydomain.ch: YES

Mar 23 09:56:53 sudo[22331] sudo_putenv: HOSTNAME=testldapclient01.as.mydomain.ch

Mar 23 09:56:53 sudo[22331] netgroup ABX_server_test matches (testldapclient01.as.mydomain.ch|testldapclient01, , as.mydomain.ch): false @ netgr_matches() ./match.c:1228

Mar 23 09:56:53 sudo[22331] host testldapclient01 matches sudoers pattern +ABX_server_test: false @ hostname_matches() ./match.c:997


The client can resolve the referenced netgroup:

[root@testldapclient01 log]# getent netgroup ABX_server_test

ABX_server_test       (testldapclient01,-,-) (testldapclient01.as.mydomain.ch,-,-)


As I interpret the logs:

1.    The client sees, that the hostname it is installed on is testldapclient01.as.mydomain.ch. (sudo_putenv: HOSTNAME=testldapclient01.as.mydomain.ch)

2.    The client sees the referenced netgroup ABX_server_test with the server testldapclient01.as.mydomain.ch within.

3.    The client compares the system hostname with the hostname in the netgroup and finds no match.


To exclude typos, I copied the return of the hostname command in the referenced netgroup of my Apache Studio. I do not understand, why there is no match, as the hostnames are identical.


If I set the hostname directly in the Apache Studio SUDOers group with the attribute sudoHost, it works. If I set +ABX_server_test, it fails.


Further logs

·         Messages: Mar 23 09:56:38 testldapclient01 sssd[be[LDAP]]: Starting up

Mar 23 09:56:38 testldapclient01 sssd[be[LDAP]]: Your configuration uses the autofs provider with schema set to rfc2307 and default attribute mappings. The default map has changed in this release, please make sure the configuration matches the server attributes.

The other logfiles contain no information regarding the hostname.


I could solve the same issue with the sudoUser attribute, by renaming the netgroup. Renaming the netgroup for the sudoHost did not help.


My netgroup entry is


Thanks a lot. If you need any more information or logs, please let me know.