On 11/03/2017 01:23 PM, Sergei Gerasenko wrote:
ldapsearch -D "cn=directory manger" -W -b cn=config objectClass=nsDS5Replica

nsDS5ReplicaPurgeDelay is not set listed in the output :(. It must be at the default value of one week? 

Also, you mentioned that the agreement might have been disabled. What field of the nsds5replicationagreement class shows that?

Given the error in the log, and the low likelihood of the agreement being disabled for a week, what else can cause a node not to find a CSN?
You have to manually disable (re-enable) an agreement, it does not just happen.

Have you restored from a backup recently?  That could contain an old database ruv, and when replication kicks in it can't find the updates it needs from the other replicas.

You need to look through all the logs to further troubleshoot this.   For now I would get everyone in sync then monitor replication, and archive your logs for the next week.  That way you have a full data set to investigate if something goes wrong.

What version of 389 are you on?  rpm -qa | grep 389-ds-base



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