Ok, what brought this up is that about every week
Ahh yes, this is the default replication purge interval (7 days)


Look for nsDS5ReplicaPurgeDelay

It could also be changelog trimming:


So what this is telling me is that one of your replication agreements was over a week behind from the other replicas (not good).  Was that agreement disabled for a while, and then enabled, for some reason?

Not that I’m aware of. I’m using the repl-monitor script to monitor our replication and everything is inline (no CSN mismatch) until all of a sudden that happens.

Since I’m not an expert on ldap, do you mind posting the ldapsearch command to look up the value of nsDS5ReplicaPurgeDelay. I’m getting an empty value back. The subdirs of /var/lib/dirsrv/INSTANCE are:


Is cldb the changelog db?