You can't have an attribute use an objectclass as it's superior.  An attribute can only use another attribute as it's superior.  The same restriction goes for an objectclass.  An objectclass can only use another objectclass as it's superior.

 I wrote up an email about how that was just a mistake in the example, but that the original entries themselves didn't have that problem.  But no, no - in my original, the attributes I was wanting to be inherited I did in fact put "SUP top" in them.  I have no idea why I did that...I know that an attribute can't inherit from an objectclass.

So apologies - for this particular issue, it was just a PEBKAC.  The other issues remain and are more legit, however ;)

That said, they all may boil down to the fact that the currently active 389-ds in the official Fedora repos is an alpha that snuck in.  Those are the attributes from 00core.ldif that jumped in to my 99user.ldif for some reason (which I'm unsure still if I should do a bugreport for, since it only happened once) and then the 3 bug reports I put in bugzilla (625327, 625335, and 629149).

I am willing to do a "disaster recovery" test to facilitate doing a fresh reload of everything once that alpha 389-ds package is replaced in the repos; then I can just see if those problems (two of which I can reproduce easily, the third is a problem I can't get to go away) still exist.

Thanks, and sorry!

Brian LaMere