Thank you for the update.

Regarding this symptom:
> they are also gets deleted from directory server (around 200 users from 550).
I'm curious what's the difference between the deleted 200 users and the rest.


On 10/19/2015 12:35 AM, Mizrahi, Yair wrote:

Hi Noriko,

This is the version I have installed:
389-ds-base- on CentOS 6.5


I was able to work around the problem by backing up the group and people OU to LDIF files , do the sync (which deleted the affected accounts)and after that importing them back, this caused the LDAP server to sync them to AD.

BTW I noticed the initial sync is deleting the same accounts.





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On 10/18/2015 02:06 AM, Mizrahi, Yair wrote:


I have setup a sync agreement between directory server and active directory 2012R2 and I’m getting a very strange behavior, if I am doing 2 way sync (the default) the sync completes successfully but not all the users are created in AD, not only that , they are also gets deleted from directory server (around 200 users from 550).

I’m syncing to Blank OU in AD

My DS version is 1.2.2-1

 Is it the version of 389-ds-base (not 389-ds)?

rpm -q 389-ds-base






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