For example I have 3 users like userA, userB, and userC in 389 Directory server with home directories set to /home/userA, /home/userB and /home/userC for them.

On the LDAP client side I have authconfig --enablemkhomedir set to true. 

Right now when a new home directory gets created(when the user logins for the first time) it has the following permissions set for user rwx, groups --- and others ---. 

Is it possible to have home directories with different permissions like userB's home directory get created with permissions user rwx, group r-x and others r-x on the LDAP client when it first logins.

Can these attributes be set in 389 Directory Server or do I need to have custom mkhomedir that needs to do this stuff in system-auth file?. 

Thank you
Abhishek Deb