I do not have the time to walk you through something like this, it'd be best if you stated what the error message and the step you do not understand.

You are not going to learn anything if I walk you through it, and it will not benefit you if you do not learn the software assuming you are the administrator.


On Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 4:39 AM, Alberto Suárez <> wrote:

I have a document with the steps I followed but it is in spanish. If you can wait a few hours I will post it translated into english, ok?

Kind regards,

Alberto Suárez.

تدريبك - دورات -شبكات - حاسبات wrote:
Dear friends,

Anyone can help me ?

I have install the directory , on centos

I want to make certs and install it on the server

I have tried many ways but all not working , one way with p12 , when
uploading the certificates it's both appear in the server tab even the CA .

The other way with openssl in this case I can't upload the certificate
on server tab its only appear on the CA tab .

Also I want some help setting Acyls

Like I want to have many admins each one can control his group no access
for the other groups

Many thanks in advance .

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