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I’m trying to set up a password policy for my users. Especially, I set a password history value of 6.


In case of a password recovery process, I want to give to the administrator to restore the password to a default value which is equally the value used for the account creation. The problem at this time is obvious: the password change is refused since the default password is already in the history. Is there any way to force the password restauration?


Furthermore, I have some questions with about the way password history is working.

I can see through 389-console that users have a multi-valued attributes passwordhistory. However I’m unable to get it with a command line ldapsearch request. How can I obtain this password history list?

Maybe for the same reason, if I delete the passwordhistory attribute and try to restore the password to its initial value, I always obtain an exception due to the presence of the password in the history.


Those points are not clearly referenced in the documentation. Thanks a lot for your help.





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