I'm hoping someone can help me with this, but I am getting an error attempting a cross migration from an old version of FDS (FDS 1.0.4) on CentOS 4 32bit to current 389 Directory server (via yum repos) on centOS 5.4 64bit. I used the following in order to install 389 DS on my new CentOS server 5.4 64bit : http://directory.fedoraproject.org/wiki/Download#Enterprise_Linux_5

I've exported my databases to LDIF as directed in the documentation as well and am performing the migration on the new server from a tarball of the original install taken from the old server.

Anyway, when I run the migration script here is the output error I get.  How do I correct this (I'm no LDAP expert that is certain)?
# /usr/sbin/./migrate-ds-admin.pl --cross --oldsroot /home/brian/LDAPmigration/fedora-ds --actualsroot /opt/fedora-ds General.ConfigDirectoryAdminPwd='mypassword'
Beginning migration of Directory and Administration servers from /home/brian/LDAPmigration/fedora-ds . . .
Beginning migration of directory server instances in /home/brian/LDAPmigration/fedora-ds . . .
Your new DS instance 'slapd-ldap' was successfully created.
Could not import the LDIF file '/tmp/nsrootJMtOFK.ldif' for the migrated database.  Error: 256.  Output: importing data ...
[10/Mar/2010:13:12:44 -0700] dse - The entry cn=schema in file /etc/dirsrv/slapd-ldap/schema/60mozilla.ldif is invalid, error code 20 (Type or value exists) - attribute type nsAIMid: Does not match the OID "". Another attribute type is already using the name or OID
[10/Mar/2010:13:12:44 -0700] dse - Please edit the file to correct the reported problems and then restart the server.

Exiting . . .
Log file is '/tmp/migrateEjdYZw.log'

I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this. Any help would be great.

Thanks brian