Hello Neron Ring.
Certificate to LDAP Mapping:
Page 198 ish.
>From page 201 of the above guide:

< You can use the Certificate Mapping API to create your own properties. For

< information on using the Certificate Mapping API, see Certificate Mapping SDKs

< at the following URL - which is followed by a defunct link.
Try here, rather:
I hope this helps, laters. I'll keep an eye out for further questions
along this line.


Date: Tue, 24 Mar 2009 17:51:50 +0530
From: neuronring@gmail.com
To: fedora-directory-users@redhat.com
Subject: [Fedora-directory-users] Certificate to LDAP Mapping API

Hi all,

I need to use “Certificate to LDAP Mapping” functionality.

The README file in the source ldapserver/lib/ldaputil/examples path suggests:
 Refer "Certificate to LDAP Mapping API" documentation to find out about the various API functions and how you can write your

And also to refer “Managing servers” manual. But I couldn’t get those documents. How can I write my own plug-in for LDAP Mapping?

Or what can I do with Certmap.conf file to configure Certificate to LDAP Mapping.  

Can somebody provide link to that document or explain 
what is Certificate to LDAP Mapping.
Thanks in advance,
Neuron Ring.

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