I have Fedora Directory Server 1.0.2 installed on
Redhat Linux.  I am trying to come up with a
Disaster Recovery kickstart install of the server,
Directory Server (DS) and DS contents.

I tried ds_newinst.pl, as described in the Fedora DS Install
Guide, to create a new DS instance from the command line,
using the following   ".inf" file:

FullMachineName=   drtest.cusys.edu
SuiteSpotUserID=   ldap
ServerRoot=   /opt/fedora-ds
ServerPort=   40003
ServerIdentifier=   sisauth
Suffix=   dc=cusys,dc=edu
RootDN=   cn=Directory Manager
RootDNPwd=   xxxxxxxx

It executed successfully, created the expected directory structure, 
the DS is listening on the correct port, but when I go to the Console,
the 2nd "sisauth" instance, the first being "config" isn't there. 
How can that be?

Diana Shepard
University of Colorado