We're about to start testing an implementation of FDS-1.1.1, but we have a query about packaging dates:

The update RPMs available for Fedora 8 (which we plan to use) seem to have build dates prior to this release announcement. Is this to be expected, e.g. did the F8 RPMs get built prior to release but with the release code? We just want to make sure we're using the best possible code here.

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Rich Megginson wrote:
We are pleased to announce the release of Fedora Directory Server 1.1.1.  This release is primarily a bug fix release, but does contain some new features, mostly to support freeIPA.

Binary packages are available for Fedora 7, 8, 9, and rawhide.  NOTE:  Fedora 6/RHEL5 binaries are not yet available.  They will be shortly.

How to upgrade:

yum upgrade fedora-ds-base

No further setup should be required.  This should restart the server - if not, a manual restart (service dirsrv restart) is required for the new code to take effect.

* Release Notes -

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