If you do an ldapsearch does it show the same?  My first thought is that replication doesn't seem to be working properly.

2011/9/6 Dan H. Eicher <dhe@cise.ufl.edu>

Synopsis: getent passwd {user} works on secondary and primary server, getent passwd fails (does not return all users) on secondary, works correctly on primary.

getent passwd {username} - works when pointing to both primary and secondary.
getent passwd | grep {username} only works if pointed to primary.

On Primary:
% getent passwd | wc
  11482   29170  937571

On Secondary:
% getent passwd | wc
   2039    4994  165383

ldapsearch by uid works in both cases.

The only change I make is changing ldap.conf from ldap01 (primary) to ldap02 (secondary).

Any tips appreciated.

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