I am trying to make our directory more "user friendly". We are in Spain, so there are people names like mine, "Juan Asensio Sánchez" (Sánchez with tilde). Well, i I do a search with filter "(cn=*sánchez)" (with tilde), and I get my user in the results, but if i try with the filter "(cn=*sanchez)" (without tilde), i get no results (I understand why). Is there anyway to make searches using indexes with the attribute nsMatchingRule to behave as I need?

I have tried with:

nsMatchingRule: caseIgnoreSubstringMatch-es

in the cn index, but using the second filter "(cn=*sanchez)", i am already having no results.

NB: I know I can use cn;lang-en, but this implies add more attributes manually, duplicate similar values, etc.