I am looking for someone who has experience extensive experience with FDS to spend a couple hours on the phone and WebEX (we will provide) to give us a walk through the installation and configuration of FDS and mutliple master configuration.  Coverage of common troubleshooting steps and common problems would be expected as well.  Assistance with phpldapadmin and schema configuration would be a big plus.
I am looking to do this as soon as possible to give us a little boost on how FDS works and how we can intergrate it into our environment.
You may contact me directly in response to this, and I can work with most timezones.
We can provide two CentOS installations to do the install over.
If there is a good CBT or Online Class that you are familar with, I would be interested in hearing about it.  But I suspect we only need a 2-4 hour kickstart to put us in good shape.

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