I got some problems with my 389-ds and I decided to re-install it by deleting some directories (/etc/dirsrv, /var/lib/dirsrv, /var/run/dirsrv, etc..), removing the package with "yum remove 389-ds" and installing a new one "yum install 389-ds.

When i start the configuration with the following script : setup-ds-admin.pl, i have the following error at the end of configuration:

Are you ready to set up your servers? [yes]:
Creating directory server . . .
Could not copy file '/etc/dirsrv/config/certmap.conf' to '/etc/dirsrv/slapd-kangourous/certmap.conf'.  Error: No such file or directory
Error: Could not create directory server instance 'kangourous'.
Exiting . . .
Log file is '/tmp/setup0m9X6x.log'

Could anyone help me ?

Thanks in advance.