Hi Everyone,


I've configured 2 new 389 DS hubs (eg new1.example.com, new2.example.com) and have connected them to our main 389 DS cluster.

They each have their own self-signed certificate, and replication is working well.


I now want to load-balance these 2 nodes under their own VIP/hostname: downtown.example.com.

I have added our wildcard cert for *.example.com to each node's NSS cert DB in /etc/dirsrv/slapd-<instance> to cover the "downtown.example.com" address.


However, querying the VIP's SSL, I see that the new node's self-signed cert is still presented instead of the wildcard:


$ echo | openssl s_client -connect downtown.example.com:636


depth=1 CN = self-ca.example.com

verify error:num=19:self signed certificate in certificate chain


<server cert details redacted>


I thought that perhaps the node's own new1.example.com self-signed cert was taking precedence over the wildcard cert.

But removing it resulted in:


$ echo | openssl s_client -connect downtown.example.com:636

socket: Bad file descriptor




Would anyone be able to tell me how to achieve this correctly, or point me in the right/another direction?


Thanks a lot,