We have a few new servers deployed with 389-ds-base version  These servers were deployed in an environment where auto-patching happens and we forgot to disable that feature.

Overnight the servers were updated to 389-ds-base version  All of the upgraded servers are now in a bad state.  We have tried multiple ways to reinitialize them but cannot seem to get the servers to work again.  We do see in the logs when they d startup "Abnormal shutdown detected, rebuilding database". But then the server stays in that state and does nothing that I can tell other than touch the timestamp on the __DB files.

Are versions and not compatible?  Can anyone suggest a way to reinit these servers without having to rebuild them?

Reinit has been attempted by doing the following methods:

- Console reinit.   (Failed, cannot connect to server)
- Export replica for the server.  (Import successful, however gets into the "rebuild database" state.
- Copied the entire instance (/var/lib/dirsrv/slapd-myinstance) and restart.  Same state as the one above.

Paul M. Whitney
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