As Mark said, to be able to use the new experimental lmdb feature, you need to install 
 version 2.1 or greater. 
After that, there is several way to enable mdb backend:
  1. create directly the instance with mdb:
    export NSSLAPD_DB_LIB=mdb
    dscreate ...
  2. create directly the instance with mdb by using dscreate template:
    create a dscreate template file containing db_lib=mdb in [slapd] section:
    Here is an example:
    cat /tmp/dscreate.inf
  3. [general]
    instance_name = foo
    port = 7389
    root_password = password
    secure_port = 7636
    create_suffix_entry = True
    sample_entries = yes
    suffix = dc=example,dc=com
    dscreate from-file /tmp/dscreate.inf
  4. create instance with bdb then migrate:
    dsctl instanceName dblib bdb2mdb
  5. Do the migration by switching the database type then restart and reimport
     (that is the solution described by Mark)

On Thu, Mar 31, 2022 at 2:25 PM iyagomailru Alexander Yakovlev <iyagomailru@gmail.com> wrote:
Mark, Thierry, thank You.
I would really want to execute this command, but the 'config' option is missing in my version 389-ds, so I was asking for advice on how to configure it in another way.

Here is the result of the command executing:
root@389ldap-test:~# dsconf slapd-instance backend config set --db_lib mdb
usage: dsconf instance backend [-h] {list,get,get_dn,create,delete} ...
dsconf instance backend: error: invalid choice: 'config' (choose from 'list', 'get', 'get_dn', 'create', 'delete')

Version of 389-ds:
root@389ldap-test:~# apt show 389-ds
Package: 389-ds
Priority: optional
Section: universe/net
Source: 389-ds-base
Origin: Ubuntu
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