I would like to set up an instance of 389DS for my school. 

This LDAP server would be used to authenticate users on our old file/database/local web server, our desktop machines, our WIFI, and for a number of web applications.  Total users is about 300, though the vast majority (~275) would only authenticate/sign in to our SIS about once a week.

Our 2 servers are an old CentOS file/SQL server and a Fedora web server

We have 7 different linux workstations (mostly Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.x), 3 Windows boxes (2 Vista and 1 W7) and 1 Mac OSX box. 

We currently use a number of local web apps (Koha, Moodle, Wordpress, our SIS), all of which have LDAP plug-ins.

We would like to eventually also run an ldap server in a hosted VPS that would get updates from our local LDAP server, and authenticate users to our various public facing web services, as well as google apps and our paid databases, though this is a future project.

So what distribution is best supported, and will be supported the longest?

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